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15 March 2010 @ 12:19 pm
2010 Calgary AutoShow  
Its tradition, well... Tradition that I've skipped out on for the past two years. But I'm restarting this now, okay?

Bording the train at Andersen station, we embarked onto the Stampede Grounds without having to pay 27 dollars in parking fees. So already, it was a good day. I had decided to bring my boyfriend and best friend because they've never really been to an Autoshow with as big of car nuts as my dad and I are. So, as my father and I usually do, we're talking about car issues to get ourselves psyched up; mainly the issue of who's going to get the military contract with the United States and Canada now that Hummer is officially defunked.

We arrived at Erlton-Stampede station soon, and walked in to the BMO Centre (I think this venue has changed about 5 times since I've been coming to this show). Right there we could see the Toyota display, and immediatley started making jokes about the recent faultiness of their vehicles. But as we walked through the doors, it was serious time... No more joking around.

I had already pre-downloaded a map of the AutoShow, so I had already been planning my route around the compound

There were a few cars I really wanted to see. One being the SLS AMG. A rebirth of the original 1960s Gullwing Mercedes.

I told the nice British gentleman at the booth that it would have been really cool if they had a '68 parked next to the '11. He laughed and told me that an original in mint condition is about a million dollars.

The new Ferraris were also there. Gleaming in bright red next to their former counterpart, Masterati

2011 Ferrari California

2011 Ferrari GTB Fiorano

"Right, who here can name a Dutch car?" *silence* "Well, there is one, its called Spyker."

And there they were, tucked away in the far corner of the BMO centre, next to the Bentleys, Astons, and Rolls Royce. On the inside, they were stunning, on the outside, they were rivetting. These cars were born from planes. Jeremy Clarkson says you don't drive a Spyker, you wear it.

On the left is the Spyker 8C Spyder, on the right, the Laviolette.

"Uhoh, he's going to get a boner and fall over." This, of course, is my father refrencing to my excitement over one of my favorite cars...

The Nissan Gt-R. You all know the story of this beauty....

Unfortunatley, General Motors didn't have a ZR1 there. They had a Corvette GS, a Camaro SS, and a V-Series. But you all know what these look like, so we'll just move on...

To the Lamborghinis!

This was the showpiece of the three Lambos in the compound, the Murcielago LP640 Roadster!

The car show was overall good, except for the lack of Saab, Hummer, and Pontiac. Dodge had a shitty selection, and the new Ford Fiesta is a piece of shit.

I'll end this with a silly picture of my dad (who works for General Motors) posing next to a Shelby GT500.

That's it for thois journal! I have tons and tons more pictures I didn't post, so just ask me if you want to see something that isn't here!!!
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